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About Bob

In year 2001, I went from having a 6 digit career to being a dinosaur in my field. I had been volunteering for various charitable organizations to try to get some spark in my life. I volunteered for aids hospices, a children's hospital and others. But, in 1999, I started volunteering for the Arizona Humane Society, matching dogs to new owners and providing care and TLC to all the dogs, particularly the frightened ones. I found I was very good at comforting dogs and absolutely loved doing it. If one of the dogs came in too scared to be showable, the head volunteer would ask me to sit with the dog and perform my magic. Usually in less than 1 hour, I had a tail wagging and a smile on his/her face. I literally saved dozens of dogs from being euthanized and was dubbed the Miracle Worker of the AHS. I also received an outstanding volunteer award.

So I decided to put this talent to work. I wanted to create an open dog boarding facility which also had a non-profit dog rescue side to it also. So I came up with the conecept of Furrst and Furrmost Pooch Palace, an open boarding kennel where dogs can have a great time doing what dogs are meant to do, be in a pack and play with other dogs.

So in 2001, I looked at land in both Phoenix and Palm Springs, when I was shown this house on a Saturday. It was perfect for what I wanted, so by the next Wednesday, I had a contract on it. So I am risking a big portion of my life savings to do something I love, which is take care of dogs. On March 1, 2002 Furrst and Furrmost Pooch Palace opened its doors and I have been boarding dogs ever since. Right after Katrina hit New Orleans, there was a need to rescue a significant number of dogs. I created what was to become Furrst and Furrmost Pooch Sanctuary so abandoned, abused, homeless, critically ill and handicapped dogs get to take advantage of the open boarding environment and are really lucky rescues. You can go to fafps.com to find out more about it.